Crispy duck and old school chinesy chips

First let’s talk chips.. proper old school chips.. I have called them chinesy chips as they remind me of the ones I used to score in a paper bag as a child .. with just a hint of the Chinese salt & pepper 5 spicy type thing.. probably due to the same oil being used for everything.. most important thing is the following…

First the spuds need to be old.. as old as possible..  peeled chopped quite fat.. and boiled in salted water with malt vinegar, just till knife tip tender.. 

drained and left to steam up a bit.. 

then.. and really really do give this a go.. 

the chips go into cold Mrs middletons oil.. in uncle bens wok., (substitute the oil for excellent rapeseed and the wok for umm well your own pot perhaps?)., 

Heat on.. they bubble up and cook till lovely brown.. it’s the pre boil in malt water that does this I think.. heck! I ain’t no scientist right? ✌️

They get a little shake of Chinese salt and pepper salt thingy majiggy ..

Oh yeah.. the duck..

A gressingham.. easy peasy japanesy.. umm oops! Nope easy peasy chinesy? Literally take out the wrappers and the hoisin sauce.. and cool it for just over an hour.. shredded with two forks.. 

some spring onion and ridge cucumber spiked with some Japanese vinegar.. that’s the veggies tonite! 

Oh.. and here’s those chippies again..

Just missed the pot of steaming curry sauce… and riding home on my skateboard.. 

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