Sweet and sour ground pork and stirfry store veg spring rolls 

Spring rolls 

Lovely.. we like spring rolls, we like our own made ones more.. jus because you get to play with them.. the keema ones we made once or twice were rather fabulous .. these were more leaning towards the trad I suppose ..

First the pork.. local excellent local white x piri picked up from a farm whilst confirming a wedding gig we have coming up with a lovely couple! 👍

Fried off with some water.. the best way of doing it in my book.. adding lee kum kee sweet and sour from the local pan Asian superstore .. 

a smatter of garlic & ginger paste ..

plus some ginger umami paste.. this stuff is off the chain! Awesomely fabulous .. 

Left to cool.. then adding that store bought stir fry mix.. easier than getting all those bits! Think bamboo shoots, peppers, onions, cabbages, bean sprouts.. 

You do have to break up a few of the bigger bits .. 

and then rolled into the spring roll sheets ( also from the superstore , great them and well worth keeping in the freezer).. 

Fried off in Mrs middletons oil.. in uncle bens wok .. 

A sauce made of ‘stuff’… Asiany stuff.. wish I had remembered it as it was quite tasty indeed !

And fancied them up with some coriander.. 

taaa daaaa 

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  1. I just tried a pulled pork and mustard spring roll… so effing delicious. You need to try that shit hombre!!!


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