Old school foods .. belly porky greatness 

What can you say ..

If you dig the swine.. you just have to dig belly pork.. think of the crispy crackly top.. the juicy and a small bit fatty meat.. ooh yeah… 

Yet don’t mess about with most breeds.. or store bought pieces.. it’s only gonna disappoint .. trust me.. I cook a heap of piggies! 

This is my pig of choice for home cooking.. 

the blythburgh ..

Probably the best pork in the uk.. possibly… 

and when sat on top of ‘stuff’.. it just gets better.. think of those times when you go out to the pub or club… and it just rocks! .. for no real reason apart from the mix is just happening.. the game is on!

The stuff is completely up to you., and to be fair I don’t stick to a rule.. 

what I do do .. do do do.. 

is roast it hot and then lower and slower ..

Slipping the little bones out.. 

Reserving the more gory and to be completley honest inedible bits! for the hounds..
and cora murley for one knew this was roasting just around the corner!

This is a fabulous treat.. from all of us!

And simply served up with root mash.. peas.. 

That’s some seriously fabulous old school food I tells ya! 

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  1. So right about the free range pork.



  1. Old school foods .. belly porky greatness  | My Meals are on Wheels

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