There’s been a Pat in me kitchen! Sausage rolls and crinkle chips with sweet and sour rotisserie chicken balls

Is that great time of year the start of the English summer, and the time of year that my lovely godson Patrick comes to stay.. 

He is a great help about this place.. And loves to cook too! 

Here he is in 2013..

So we ran a re-run.. More sausage rolls, this time with our very special mr&mrs Fitz fabulous food! British bangers..

Store bought puff pastry .. Rolled out.. Sage & onion stuffing (pimped up with smuggled Italian herbs and some Worcestershire sauce) made up , cooled amd spread along the pastry.. The fabulous precooked, skinned mr&mrs Fitz British banger popped ontop.. Apple sauce on the banger.. Rolled up and brushed with  whipped up burford brown hen egg..

We also used up some free range rotisserie chicken that I scored red ticket.. 

Shredded chicken mixed with Chinese type flavours..  , a light batter made with a mixture of flours for fun.. Fried off.. FRECKIN DELICIOUS! .. Excellent fresh crinkle cut chips.. And a jar of in my opinion the best sweet & sour sauce in the world.. 

Great eating! 

Nice one Patrick.. 

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  1. Delighted Patrick with you:)) on way to ainsdale to take over from your mum and Neil. Hope hand no worse. Xx

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