Pressed belly pork, collard greens and leftover @urbangrilla smoked chicken

this was a marathon of a piece of belly pork.. Not that it was actually that big a piece more the process..

First popping the pork on top of a bed of onions, carrots , garlic cloves, Rosemary and thyme..


High Cooking first then down low.. For about three hours…
And now that’s just not enough playing about.. And sheesh! Everyone knows I love playing with my food right? 😏

It then gets weighted down.. Check this out for a balancing act!


That’s left to go cold..

Then sliced up..

The collard greens simply made by taking spring greens and frying off with great chunks of local smoked bacon..  And some onion and pork stock.. 


Letting that melt down and then shaking hot sauce all over it.. It spikes it up real good!

Now I would love to tell you all about the Urban Grilla experience.. Yet I have written it for a new online ‘paper’ and am waiting to see if it gets published! (If it doesn’t you will see it here for sure!)..

It’s a very cool concept though..


And with some of the chicken and urban slaw left over .. And some Redskin-on mashey potatoes ..It makes supper complete..

 Oh and a couple of dough balls that were left over from drinks snacks!

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  1. That crackling looks epic. Did you share any with your pups?

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  2. That pic of the pots/weights makes me nervous!

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  3. Will Mr And Mrs Fitz. GBPie Club be part of it? Seen this? Big here. Xx

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