Bunny ears meatballs and spaghetti 

ok.. Where have I been right? No posts? Well there have been a couple.. Thing is I have also been asked to write for this on-line paper type thing.. It’s a local thing so that’s always good to support right? 

There was this one ‘published’..


I have to say great food! And there have been a few more.. Thing is I don’t want to duplicate, so it’s a balance right? Well let’s see how it goes.. It’s all new at the moment! 

And anything thing is that I am also helping out here too.. 

Our Growing Edge

That’s a new thing too! If you fancy popping along to it.. Or should that be ‘hopping’ along? (Read the blog and you will get it!).. Please do.. 

That would be rather nice.. 

And that is where the ‘bunny ears’ part came from.. They are actually pieces of toasted spelt bread rubbed with fat French garlic..

The meatballs admittedly are store bought, yet excellent quality made with fabulous free range cow.. 

They get browned off perfectly by Mrs Fitz.. Then a carton of passata with basil .. (great store cupboard addition).. and simmered away.. pepping it up a little with some chilli and balsamic glaze and some fresh oregano .. 


Dried Italian spaghetti boiled in salty water for 8 minutes.. 

Then the meatballs and sauce added.. 

Those bunny eared toasts added.. 


Super saucy meaty supper!

Yummy doodle doo!  

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  1. It’s all about the balance… And the bunny ears! 👌✌️

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