Chinese Marinated roast chicke breasts, scented veg rice, lightly pickled salad, mixed lettuce wraps…with kimchi

with this darn flu thing we have had meals have been a struggle, not cooking them more the eating of them.. I think I have an appetite .. And then BAM 💥 it’s gone…😩

Really saddening..

So decided to get something packed with flavours to at least get some interest.. 

What better than lettuce cups.. I love delicate lettuce cups.. Crisp lettuce is just such a great vessel to pile in flavours.. And it’s opiate quality helps sleep… Need that too!

Starting by roasting this store bought stock brined chicken..


Once cooked the breasts torn out and drowned in lee Kum kee chicken marinade.. I have to say I have never had a bad condiment not sauce from that brand.. They are just superb.. Easy to see why they are a world leader .. 

The rice made in the rice cooker.. We do this every day for the hounds anyways.. So today they are lending us some!

The aromatics for the rice were cardamom , star anise and cinnamon.. All smuggled from foreign fields! 


The juices from the chicken poured over the rice too.. Mr Wentworth and Cora Murleys nozzles going doolally!

They get the chicken shredded into the rice with some added plain crunchy dog bisquits..  And it gets demolished!
For us? Some shredded carrots with red wine vinegar , salt sugar and caraway seeds.. Some ridge cucumber in rice wine vinegar.. And some excellent no nasties jarred kimchi from the nearby Asian wholesalers .. I am not the biggest for kimchi.. Unless it’s been ‘homemade’ , this jar will give us that extra tang though.. Cool 👌


Some chopped green onion will add a yum and crunch too..

So into the assembly!

Taking a lettuce leaf.. 

Adding those lightly pickled bits.. 

A touch of kimchi…

Then the seriously tasty chicken.. 
And topping with the amazing veg rice.. (Those chicken juices sure do add to that taste!).. 

Lee Kum kee sweet hoisin sauce..

And some Korean chilli sauce to over engineer it.. 


And fold up and devour.. Umm I got told off by Mrs Fitz for eating too fast and too loudly! Maybe my quiet growling didn’t help either! Ahem..

How did I do?

I managed one..,

Then crashed out..

Feck it…


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12 replies

  1. Hope you feel better. This looks delicious but I can’t believe you did all that cooking when you are ill! Very ambitious.

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  2. Looks tasty!! Hope you are feeling better!!

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  3. Looks great! Hope you feel better soon…

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  4. Flus are the worst for that whole “no appetite” thing… Not fun times. I’m feeling ya brother.

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