Rose loin veal and mushroom balti , flatbreads, jersey potato curry, headress salad and sarson ka saag…

well that’s a pretty reading title right there! 

So let’s break it down real quick.. 

Still owning some great rose veal so  chopped, added to fried onions.. and dried curry leaves, the final addition of a share pods family balti sauce .. the addition of the curry leaves will rock out another flavour.. yet dont ever turn your nose up at good quality jars of sauces.. when they are good it works.. and this one works for sure!

That’s left to blip away.. 

The jersey totals are simply drained from their can.. yup.. can.. The jersey royal for some reason cans excellelently ! And added to fried onion with some mustard seeds, and some kitchen king masala..


A final lick of butter for them.. 

The saag? Canned..  

 The headress salad?

All the bits that were in the fridge used on the salad, lovely red gem lettuce.. ridge cucumber, celery, carrot, green onion and coriander and parsley.. 


How great does that look? 

Ok.. Let’s make breads..

Simply flour and water.. Kneaded together to make dough.. 

Rolled out and cooked on the iron flat pan.. 


Finally brushed with some spiced ghee easy.. and kept warm in the smuggled warmer thingy..

Chef ping hotted up some scented mixed veg rice for us.. And ahh wahhh lahhhh ! 🎉


A veally nice super indeed!  


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  1. Happy Birthday again, you can’t have too many good wishes.

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  2. Happy birfday? OK then, happy birfday Mr Fitz! I hope someone buys you a small flatbread bakery. I think it’s your destiny!!! 😂👊

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  3. Happy Birthday Mr Fitz.

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