Hand raised Pork pies from scratch 

Just going through the prior life journeys… New ones to come soon .. I PROMISE!!

Cooking with Mr Fitz

there is something about the pork pie.. Something that is just a treat.. Sure we have recollections of some horrors .. Yet I think the thoughts of the good ones far outweigh the negatives.. I have never made pork pies, I don’t know why., I just never have.. So with Mrs Fitz in full on cleaning mode, I decide its best to retire to the kitchen and read up about pork pie making..

The google gods are great at providing info yet who to trust? First port of call has to be Delia right? It is.. Yet like many of the other ‘heavyweights’ it’s complicated.. And uses muffin tins and stuff.. I am not looking for that.. I am looking for something that you know is indeed PIE.. I think there is done kinda conspiracy going in where everyone has decided to make it appear to be really complex…

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