Ok.. Yeah .. Ok .. It’s been ages .. Hey ho .. How are Y’all? weird ‘N’ Strange times huh?

So where have i been? .. ? Not just in ‘this time” that’s really really freckin odd.. yet overall? Like for AGES RIGHT!!!!*****

Hmm well it’s kinda hard keeping up with things.. Ahh shucks , Feck it .. Agreed already.. it’s not actually that hard.. it’s kinda harder well much harder to write up what was easy.. to what’s not such a prevalent number I guess… Anyhoo.. Shall we?

Let’s just rock eomthin out old school..

Off the clock Lamb.. (from my (non sponsored this post after all this time ) Pal’s farm..

Spudz.. real nice red ones donated to me from another pal..), one of those overlarge Spainishh Onions.. some Phat carrots.. Purple Garlic, Garden Rosemary & Secret Seazonningz.. (Gitta hold summat back right?

This really is a one pot wowee doodle dsandy ddodle doo number for sure ..

So.. recipe I guess now Huh?

Okey Dokey.. let’s Try this on together..

(Gotta say @wordpress ain’t really making this the easiest.. to create this .. Humph.. ) Ahh well.. and also you aint goinna get the best pictures.. as I need to work out this thing all over again really ok?

Rightyhoo.. ..

Take a real good bit of lamb..

Brown it .. Like on a fry pan..

Add pink potatoes, sliced phat white onions, a leetle purpkle garlic, rosemary straight up from the garden, .. some colonial stylee mixed spices.. political right!.. Hehehe ).. and some wild mushroom stock .. (yeah ok so youi may not have that.. just use Mushroom soup instead)..

All good? is it all in the pot?

So let’s cook this old skool …

Gas mark 6.. 180 regular oven.. for MAX thirty minutes ..

turn it down to gas mark what ever ,,,

150 real money heat.. for two hours.. turn off the heat.. go to bed.. (remembering it is all tucked up inside that mad french invention of le creuset.. ).. and overnight some kinda magic happens..

And then (if i could figure out @wordpress again.. I could /Shoulda/Sahred the next delightful off the tape tastes..

ahh well You just gonna have to go with me that it’s one of those things you just do not get anymore.. (unless you book a gig with @fabfoodtrucks ) Umm to be honest with ya.. probably not even then.. soz in advance..

If ya got this and did not realize where it came from?

Well it;s me .. Mr Fitz x

Stay safe please.. Like really REALLY REALLY SAFE!

Love n (socially distanced) Hugz … To all.. Can we beat this? .. Nah let’s get real.. Stop pretending it’s recently changed just because we can become more exposed to it thanks to recent ‘wisdom” please! (Hops off soap boxy thingy)..

The Lamb number is really rather Groovy though.. Really Groovy.. x

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  1. Welcome back! It has been awhile. I am so glad to see that you are okay, looking good! And this sounds absolutely delicious.


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