Walking around Mexico City & chicharones tacos..

wow.. great memories.. x

Cooking with Mr Fitz

Did I sleep well?

Not really .. Strange room syndrome meets timezone shifts.. You would think I would be used to it by now yet it still hurts a little!

Breakfast was a weird one..


The smog was high..


Yet the city is wonderful!!

A good wander about.. Lots of great churches.. (Gotta love JP!)..


Also the place where some say mexico was born.. The promised land with the eagle and snake standing in a cactus.. Others say it’s fifteen minutes in the other direction..

Yet this stop was a great hole in the wall job.. Just next to Mayan (I think ruins..).. Yet in the most in-touristy kinda way!!

So this was my FIVE pesos.. Chicharone taco.. Chicharone if you didn’t know is like pork crackling.. Sans fat.. Cooked till crisp in lard then cooked down with spices and stuff..

Served warm in a brilliant soft wrap.. Pre made…

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