Birthday eve chinese red braised pork and mixed egg fried rice treat

its my birthday eve.. 

Is that a real thing? 

Sure! You have Christmas Eve.. New Year’s Eve.. And maybe some others.. Umm anyhoo..

So as a treat for me.. Seeing how I really do enjoy Porky delights.. 

Red braised pork.. That super flavourful meaty delight.. 

Starting with excellent pork 


( ok so none of that is actually pork.. Yet it did come outa the same fridge I swear!)…

And it’s skinned and chopped 

 The more fatty bits will be boiled with rice and veg for the hounds in the rice cooker..

Fried off..

Then the excellent #leekumkee red braising sauce added with some sticks of fresh ginger..

And some reverse osmosis isomorised water.. 

A few chopped green onions at the end for crunch and bitey oniony taste.. 

An omelette made from a couple of eggs.. Chopped up and some small baby white onions added with some frozen peas..

It really is the best way of making egg fried rice! Adding Japanese soy sauce and a few drops of sesame oil make it darn tasty indeed!

It’s not pretty.. Is it big and clever?


Yes my friends.. Yes it is.. 

Happy birthday eve to me..  


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16 replies

  1. That’s a great head shot!

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  2. Hi,

    I follow your post, following a recommendation from yourself down the Nags Head. I recall you were talking to your friend about pork with vanilla, which got my attention. Anyway I told you my wife and I were creating a blog and we’ve finally done it.

    Would you mind sharing on your blog? By all means have a browse, follow us if you will. Do as you please.

    All the best

    Colin Sent from my iPhone



  3. Happy Birthday, Mr Fitz! Enjoy your day.

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  4. Great meal to precede a momentous occasion! Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Fitz!

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  5. Now I really really want fried rice! Like, I hardcore want it! I’m going to get some rice cooking…

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  6. Happy Birthday! I am looking forward to the meal on your actual birthday. I must say your hounds eat well.

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  7. WooHoo! 🎂🍷

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