14 hour slow cooked brisket, in flatbreads #tacotuesday 

stunning supper.. A stunning piece of English antibiotic free brisket..


Cooked in the slow cooker for 14 hours in chicken consommé , celery, carrot and onion powder.. 

And also some of the cubeb pepper that Mrs Fitz kindly got for my birthday in a collection of rare peppers and salts from around the world! 

Not only does this smell amazing in the kitchen it is also super shreddable.. just by a fork,.


This outing gets mixed up with some fajita spices, and some sliced red onion.. 
The super soft flat breads simple.. Just reverse osmosis isomorised water, and some table salt..the flour sifted from high up to get it super light.


Rolled out and cooked on the flat iron pan.. Kept warm in the smuggled warmer..

A salad made of chopped crisp lettuce, carrot, green onion and tomato..

Also some sour cream of course,,and done chopped pickled red jalepenos mixed with chopped fresh parsley, oregano and coriander.. 

The 14 hour slow cooked brisket warmed up in the shallow iron pan.. 


All put together..


Love it love it love it!!!

The bread so softy , the meat so meaty with just a hint of spice.. Salad crunchy and clean tasting.. Sour cream cooling against the salty heat of the jalepenos and herbs.. 

Yeah.. Happy 



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7 replies

  1. What an amazing piece of meat that is! LOOK AT IT! Brisket is my favourite cut of beef, I normally do it Texan BBQ style but I’m going to go down the South American route next time, thanks for the inspo!
    Tania @ http://www.thegammonkitchen.wordpress.com

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  2. Yum yum! That looks fab! What is antibiotic free brisket???

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