Spaghetti from scratch with rose-veal red sauce 

how often do you think about making your own pasta?

Ok lets switch that for a second.. 

How often have you watched some chef make pasta on telly and think.. “Hmm that seems kinda easy..”

We do that quite often.. Well at least whenever it’s on the telly!

So Mrs Fitz bought us a pasta maker thingy.. And a rack to dry it on.. For part of my fabulous birthday gifts.. 

First the veal though.. again supporting the rose veal industry, the by product of dairy farming. Ask the google gods..  they will tell you all about it..

With a sofrito ( celery, carrot, and onion).. Fried off with some smuggled Italian herbs from amsterdam .. some would smuggle ‘alternative’ herbs from amsterdam.. Ahem 😏

Then adding a passata ..


That blipples away for a few hours on low.. adding a splash of Worcestershire sauce, a bit of chilli and balsamic glaze sauce stuff..

The pasta then..

Kinda my own recipe.. Of sorts.. 

00 flour , with two eggs and a splash of reverse osmosis isomerised water.. 

Kneaded into a ball.. ( how groovy do those eggs in the flour look!).. 

 Into cut pieces.. Flattened and dusted with flour.. Rolled through the machine on the number one setting.. about four times.. then moving the notches I tried a few up to notch ‘5’.. Best on 3 I think.. It then goes through the cutter bit.. and hung on the dryer.. 


You can cook it straight from fresh.. Yet just a little dried is best I think.. Don’t ask me the science behind it! (Nor tell me ahem..).. 😁

A store bought sundried tomato and garlic bread.. simply baked in the oven.. great smell off it!


The pasta boiled in salty water for like two minutes only.. A good dollop of the Rose veal red sauce.. 


Home made spaghetti ? Yeah give it a go ..


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  1. Great to see you making your own pasta. Once you start, you can not stop!

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  2. I LOVE this Mr. Fitz. Making pasta is one of my favorite things to do!

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