Rose veal tenderloin rogan josh and aloo gobi thingy with roti and scented rice cooker basmati


You may have noticed my increased interest in eating rose veal.. 

I think it’s a great meat.. if you are a fan of the super softest tastiest beef then please do give it a go..

This is freezer foraged.. 

Rose veal tenderloins.. 

Remember them?

They have had a fair few outings!

Still some left to go.. Must save some for schitznels! MUST!!

Simply defrosted and chopped up.. Fried off in Italian chilli pimped Mrs Middletons oil..

And thanks to the #sharwoods family the jar of rogan josh added.. It’s that simple and quick it’s scary! And it’s darn tasty!(although this weekend we will be replenishing some spices.. Off to the ‘souks’ !!!

The aloo gobi.. Always a winner yet I am not finding the spices I really want.. 

Fried Spanish brown onions.. For a good while.. they get a sweetness.. various spices added.. Ginger and garlic paste and water to make the gravy .. The chopped cauli and white potatoes added.. Some dried curry leaf and it’s simmered away till over tender.. Over tender is good here!


(The secret is adding a squidge of ketchup!).. 😉
The basmati is cooked in the rice cooker with smuggled essourian cinnamon bark , green cardamom pods , a little table salt and white pepper.. Then when cooked and kept on warm adding unsalted French butter..


The breads made simply by mixing water with atta flour.. Rolling out and cooking on the iron flat plate..


We are out of fresh coriander too .. 

It would have made the supper a little prettier.. And added that fresh taste.. 

Still very tasty though! 


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