@tefaluk @optigriller Rose veal thyme burgers with wicked teriyaki tempura onion rings

righty hoo, this is indeed the last outing for Rose veal for a leetle time at least!

Burgers made by simply squishing chopped Spanish brown onions, the middly bits as the outer larger slices are to be used for the onion rings. and also adding dried thyme , Bristol blend pepper and fine sea salt..then cooked on the @tfaloptigrill , it is indeed a good grill! Some chestnut mushrooms sliced for Mrs Fitz too.. Also some Red Leicester grated cheese and some dill pickles.. Just lettuce for me! 

Here we go!

A plain looking burger..? The taste was divine!!! 

Yet let me be honest here.. 

The onions rings really were the MAIN event .. 

Slices of the Spanish brown onion soaked in reverse osmosis water with sea salt and sugar.. 

The drained and added to the teriyaki #bluedragon tempura batter .. 


And fried off in uncle bens wok..

 That’s Portuguese Piri Piri sauce shook over them..

They are the lightest non-greasy lip smackingly tasty onion rings I think I may have ever had!! Mrs Fitz gave nods of agreement.. 




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  1. The recipe sounds amazing, Mr. Fitz. I love burgers and I love them even more with onion rings. Thanks for sharing at this week’s FF! 🙂

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