One of the hottest days of the year.. Umm so let’s make steak pie! (Post pork ramen)… 

It begins like this… Mrs Fitz decides she would like some ramen.. I decide I would like red roast pork… So they go together right? Yuppy doodly dandy.. 

Marinated some fabulous pork shoulder ‘steaks’ in char Sui powder mixed with water .. That stuff is awesome .. And baked straight on the racks of the oven., 

Then a trip around the Asian hypermarket brings fresh shitake, enoki, fresh noodles, galangal, pal choi, Chinese onions … Plus some ramen base paste…



Topped with the soft boiled hens egg then that was a sooper supper.. (See what I did there ? Hehhehe..)..

Ok park that… Yup park it.. Straight over there… Left a bit..right a bit.. Back a bit… Umm yup that’s cool! 

So post ramen haze Mrs Fitz mentions that she would like a steak pie.. And heck! Who am I to say no? 

Uno problemo mon Amis.. It’s also turning out to be the hottest day of the year… And like real hot! Soldier on (or freedom fighter on whichever you prefer)… 

If the Australians can eat pie in the heat.. Boy oh boy can we.. And anyways.. who doesn’t dig a homemade pie? 

The filling first.. 

Braising steak.. Browned off ala Delia stylee.. Then a packet off Jamaican brown onion soup mix.. Just use less water! That’s goes into the slo-cooker overnight.. (Yup we didn’t know that by the morning someone would have left the regions furnace door open!).. 

That filling is hit up with some local field mushrooms quickly panned off with Worcestershire sauce.. And the shiny filling is complete! 


This bit is where Mrs Fitz comes home from work into the kitchen and snaffles a bit of the filling..gets a bit of the mushroom.. Thinks it’s raw meat perhaps and almost loses her life!..  Explaining to me that.. 

Well you never know with you!..

Understand that to be fair! 

The pastry is going to be shortcrust.. Often an underrated pie casing.. Oh and just on that .. Pie simply has to be top bottom and sides… Otherwise it’s just stew with a lid… Humph!


Brushed with milk only.. Letting the pastry (store bought for speed..) do the talking too.. This is on an enamel pie plate.. You know the type right? The ones for some unknown reason used for camping and the like (have spotted them in restaurants too though..), those enamel played that just go super hot when you add the food and you cannot he then nor place them on your lap.. What’s the story there? 
So that’s into the oven at 200 real money degrees electric.. 

In the meantime onto the mash .. I love this time of year when a simple visit to a pal can often lead to a quick.. Want any veg? 

And today’s pootle about was one of them..

Fantastic spuds.. Groovy carrots, and one of my favourite things in the world, a squeaky cabbage.. Huh? 

Yes indeedy ..when you give a cabbage a squeeze and it squeaks back at you.. Perfection !

Let’s be talking the mash first though.. 

Boiled till knife pint tender in salted water.. Left to steam off a bit.. Full milk , unsalted butter, sea salt, pepper and fresh curly parsley all melted up.. Potatoes in.. Mash mash mash.. Check seasoning.. Add a little more salt… 


Th carrots simply peeled sliced and into salty water.. Don’t worry about using salt so much in water based cooking in doesn’t really go into the food, just helps the cooking..  The cabbage is sliced up and popped on top of the carrots halfway through.. It will kinda steam away.. 

Pie out of the oven..yeah…


And … 



That there is a plate of seriously seasonal supper loveliness..  

Right there..



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  1. YUM….Never tried it but want to. Great job 🙂


  2. For me, you will always be a freedom fighter:)) Nice blog. Xx

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