So that’s one spicy noodle pork and one big red rub chopped beef with crinkle fries right? 

what actually is chipped beef? I don’t know.. I suppose I could ask the google gods.. Perhaps I will when I get a chance later.. 

Ok . I just did.. 

And then changed the title from chipped to chopped beef.. 

So let’s play.. 

The last bit of that great English skirt got the last of the big red rub.  (A little extra onion granules and cumin for a little flavour smack..,)

It was left on its own wrapped in plastic film to seep all that yumminess into its badself..

Then the #optigrill from those clever heads at @tefal took good care of it.. 

Not long till medium.. Lots of flashing lights and beeps along the way! 

A yoghurt dressing of lemon, cumin, coriander and salt and pepper. Some reheated crinkle cut chips.. 

And the beef dish was on the table..


Onto the pork.. Remember that great roast pork from the other day?

Well this is the last outing ..

I even weighed it out.. 

About 250 for the holy basil Thai one.. And just over 300 for the Chinese Peking one.. 

Basically you reheat the meat and add the most excellent sauce packets .. Yup that’s it folks! And my my they are tasterriffic!! Have gone for the Thai holy basil one for this meal.. and it’s wonderful! Made up the Chinese Peking one too.. 

That’s lunch sorted!


The noodles were boiled drained and splashed with Japanese soy and some sesame oil.. Pan Asian style vegetable crackers , some ruby red gem lettuce and some almost too perfect chopped tomatoes.. 
Right though.. 

slight problemo’… You know I said ‘spicy’.. Well I sort of forgot just how crazy intense this chilli oil is.. Uh-oh capatain.. Uh oh! 


It’s CrAZy HoT.. ! (No animals were hurt in the shooting of this shot!).. 😁

Yet very delightfully moreish in a bizzare way.,  Mrs Fitz not enjoying it as much as myself.. Umm I think I put a lot more of the chilli oil on hers! Oops! 

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