its taco Tuesday!!  Yay! 

Well ok.. To be completely honest the name was simple , it’s Tuesday and we had tacos.. Therefore.. 

It’s #tacotuesday !! Hurrah!

We forget how much we like tacos. Seeing as we have no Mexican restaurants near us.. And no Mexican community near us also .. It means that tacos really are a treat…  It’s the mixture of everything.. Being able to build up the flavours as you wish.. And make a bit of a mess at the table.. Sticky icky fingers and all that! 

Starting with the chilli . Pork and beef mince..the two meats work great together, different textures and tastes..  Cooked up with dried spices and herbs, keeping it simple really.. Think cumin, oregano, salt, white pepper, smoked sweet paprika, dried coriander, dried onion, dried garlic., and a can of chilli beans and a can of plum tommys..


 Once all bubbly jubbly.. Into the slo cooker.. On low for a few hours.. Then cooled.  
It’s a little too juicy sloppy to go into the tacos.. So given a light crush to meld the beans into the meat.. And heated through fast in the iron pan.. 


That’s much better.. And then thanks to @oldelpasouk we have the corn taco shells, salsa, jalepenos, sourcream , grated cheese for Mrs Fitz, guacamole  and a mixed shredded salad of cabbage , onion, lettuce and carrot.. After all it’s the accompaniments that make tacos right? 

With cheese for Mrs Fitz

El Classico for me.. (Well my Classico anyways..).. 


I dig #tacotuesday ✌️ 

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9 replies

  1. When my daughter lived in London for four years, I’d have to bring her salsas and her favorite – Sriracha sauce – because she couldn’t find Mexican ingredients there! It’s her favorite cuisine! Your tacos look wonderful.

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  2. I fricking love tacos. The condiments definitely make them rule even more 👊😜

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  3. Excellent -we’ll be having a taco Thursday since we’re partying with a bunch of Mexicans who are hijacking our Swiss raclette by grilling tacos! Fusion food with a vengeance 🙂

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