Double stuffed spuds for Mrs Fitz, still eating leftovers 

Mrs Fitz fancied baked potatoes .. So who am I to argue!

The humble spud.. Elevated when baked to something really rather special..

Two skewers through to help with the baking..


Then into the oven on the mickeywave and oven setting.. Really speeds things up !

Taken out.. Scooped and cheeses added .. A soft one and some hard Italian grated..

Back in the oven to crisp up.. 

And served up with a chopped newmans honey and mustard dressed salad.. 

Along with the last of the Christmas Eve spaghetti sauce.. That one with the whole bottle of Rioja in..  A good sized dollop of sour cream to rich it all up.. Being festa ice season an all.. 


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  1. I’m very fond of a St Delia (I think) recipe where you bake the spuds, scrape the middle out and mix with something like Boursin, and then finely shred some leeks on top – needs about another 15 mins in the oven to crisp up the leeks.

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  2. The humble spud always pulls through with the goods!!

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