Leftover veggie savoury scones = Lovely and easy!

this was a new one on us.. Using up leftover veggies in scones!

Now normally I like my scones with clotted cream and jam!


Yet this we just had to try..

Taking the leftover parsnip and carrot crush.. Adding plain flour , bicarbonate and cream of tartar..(as am all out of baking powder ).. Milk, and salt.. 

Ah yes the recipe! 

Well it goes a little something like this:

250 weight of veggies

350 plain flour

Three teaspoons of baking powder (or one of bicarbonate 2 of tartar)..

250 milk

All mixed up into a sconey dough.. Remembering to leave it a few centimetres thick.. 

Cutting them out with a glass.. Brushing the tops with more milk.. (You could add cheese if you wanted )..

Into a hot oven 220 real degrees for fifteen minutes..




Buttered with unsalted french butter..and with the last of the rib of beef.. Chopped and cooked with baby onions and mushrooms.. The gravy added with a good shake of shakeocini.. 

With a dollop of sourcream.. 

An absolute winner!! 

Seriously you need to make these.. I will be for sure! And I bet that if you ate cheese that it would make a wonderful savoury extra hit..yet with the butter and the sourcream it rocks my supper world I tells ya!!  


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  1. Looks so good! Great recipe!

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