Skirt beef and chorizo Shortcrust pastries

having got my hands on an excellent piece of English skirt cow I needed to think about what I wanted to do with it.. 

Pastry springs to mind.. A nice snack for lunch.. 

Store bought short crust is perfect..

First the filling though! 

Chopped skirt mixed with a can of mixed veg, you know the ones? the one with carrots peas and potato all chopped and mixed .. great for this kind of cooking.. an extra bit of chopped leek too .. Some chopped up chorizo also.. 

And a good shake of #hendos 

It’s a condiment like Worcestershire sauce yet no anchovies .. And it’s from Sheffield and also was sent to me by my auntie Jan that lives there.. It’s ok.. I don’t think it’s quite as tasty though. Seems to have a cult following ..


The pastry rolled out quite thin to make it light.. 

Filling placed on.. am not looking for any prizes in the glamorous pastry category here!

Brushed with beaten egg.. 

Cooked for about half an hour at 180 real money degrees.. 


Really rather scrumptious!


The hounds agreed! 

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  1. These do look tasty! Now if only we could get ready made shortcrust over here as well as the puff variety, I’d be making more pies 😉

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