Roast rib of beef = proper Sunday lunch

Roast rib of beef, that to me just screams Sunday lunch.. 

And with this lovely bit of Hereford scored on red ticket that is exactly what is happening.. 

How lovely is that huh? 

Simply roasted off after being seriously seasoned.. Hot oven then down.. The peeled and slightly boiled and shaken up in the colander pitied sit underneath in a big piping hot puddle of goose fat.. (Remember ruffles and scruffles mean super crispy)..

Yeah.. Feck it!

Horseradish sauce by grating fresh red ticket horse radish root and mixing with Creme fraiche, lemon juice and salt and pepper.. Stunning! 

Watching and waiting for the wild horseradish to grow big enough near us .. Not long I reckon.. 

So here you have it.. Ok minus a yorkie.. Yet we do have veggies and pan juice gravy!


Any good?


That’s a crackalackin Sunday lunch I tells ta!


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