Masala eggs brunch and burgers for supper

a not behind on posting .. Apologies.. A fair bit going on that needs attention.. Ok that’s not really an excuse 😶

So let’s have a quick catchup 

Starting with a brunch of masala eggs.. Frying some onion.. Adding some chopped baby tomatoes.. Adding great butter, chilli and garam masala.. Then making up the scrambled eggs.. Tasty tasty tasty!

Served on top of a store bought ‘famous’ chefs garlic and coriander naan.. 

 And lots of fresh coriander .. Punching it up with the last of the Portuguese Piri piri.. 

It was lovely yet the naan was a bit rubbish really.. Just no taste.. I tweeted the ‘chef’ to say it was a small bit of a disappointment .. All I got back was a like, a retweet and a ‘great combo’ message.. Perhaps their agency needs to read the tweet properly first!! #oops 

So that was brunch ..

Then for supper..

Burgers with sweet potato fries on brioche.. Wanted to try out these burgers from the store. They were pretty good actually! I think I would happily have them again.. Happily ..

 And even some salad too!


There you go.. A quick round up..

Sunday lunch next up..

Catch you laters ..alligators .. ✌️

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