Cott-herds pie?

Cott -herds pie ? Huh?

Ok let’s try it this way around lam-tage pie?

You there yet?

Some help?

Well seeing as shepherds pie is lamb based and cottage pie is beef based this is a hybrid.. Why?

First off I have this great roast corner cut topside left over from the other day that needs eating.. It’s a little too rich for Mr Wentworth & Cora Murley.. Although I bet they would love to give it a good going over !

Passed through the mincer to make ready cooked mince..

Sweated off carrots, onions & celery adding the ‘mince ‘ and veal jus powder. A squeeze of ketchup and reverse osmosis water.. Umm slight problem here.. It kinda turned to a slurry! Perfect baby food! Or food for the toothless.. So what to do? I need meat texture. .. Hmmm.. Aaahaa!

I have that great lamb ‘stew’ in the house freezer .. So chef ping assisted in the defrosting.. Unfortunately also had to remove the dumplings.. My attorney would be so sad..

And added the meat to the slop.. Sorry beef mix.. Ahem..

Perfecto! It works! The addition of Peter Andre peas.. And we have ground clearance ..

Can you see why it’s a hybrid now?

The mash?

Saxon potatoes peeled chopped & boiled..

Mashed into a mixture of butter, double cream , a burford buff egg and white pepper and sea salt.. This should make the top go really light and crispy..

Piped , albeit quite badly onto the Cott-herds pie .. Into the oven..

Ok the money shot is not the greatest yet the pie was delicious served with a dollop of stokes ketchup.. Yumm !

And plenty left over for a lazy Sunday breakfast .. Perfection .

Oh yeah! And dessert of smashed meringues, strawberries and double cream.. Mrs Fitz was very happy!











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3 replies

  1. Love this pie . . . you achieved some major lovely brownage on that roast . . . and I must say I am happy you have made a pie because as you know across the pond it is 6 a.m. and I have been up since 4 putting the last of Mr. Fitz Pork Pie in the oven (the Judge’s pie, yesterday I made the “public” pie) and was at pies all day yesterday . . . . it’s pie time! Although the smashed meringues do look pretty fine!!!! Thanks for wishing me luck in countdown 8 hrs!!!!


    • thanks .. I just had some for a lazy sunday breakfast too… delightfully prepaid by Chef Ping.. jolly good luck with the pie contest! tweet me straight away! we are all waving our flags for you over here



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