Smoked hock = old school food

The weather is bonkers!

First the heavens open and the sky goes dark.. The heating has to go on.. The lights ..and socks and a cardigan!

Then the next day it’s sunny .. That’s for another post ..

So good ol old school food is required..

This one is a particular fave of mine.. Not just for the dish itself and the ease of cooking yet also for the scent that permeates the air!!

Take the good free range smoked hock.. I don’t worry about soaking it over night and stuff .. It seems fine..

Into a pot with onions carrots and potatoes .. Bay leaves and black pepper.. Topped up with water and a piece of parchment scrunched up and placed on top..

Cook for three hours on 170 (real money).. Degrees..

When cool enough to handle .. Strip the fat off the hock then chop the meat roughly discarding any grizzly bits you may find long the way.. Oh and you will!!

Veggies into another pan.. Cooking liquor thickened with full fat milk and parsley .. A quick rue just to make it a little thicker yet you really need it to be quite thin.. We had some leftover peter Andre peas and some carrots left over so they were added also..


Well ..

That’s it!

Super dish!! Crusty bread would be the business yet not a necessary requirement..

Oh.. And this really costs pennies..






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4 replies

  1. Absolutely perfect for a crap day like this!


  2. Did Cora or Wentworth get the bone?


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