Proper sausage rolls ‘gourmet?’

Haven’t made sausage rolls for a good while I think..

With store bought puff needed using up.. And having decided on not making the pie nor pasties I thought I was going to.. It had to be proper hearty ‘gourmet’ ( I hate that word !).. (Just seems to me you add it and charge more!)..


These delicious numbers went as follows..

Cheap stuffing pack mixed as per directions.. cheap is better here as you don’t want it too herby not rich otherwise it takes it away from the meat.. Yet you don’t want sawdust cheap either!!

Let bit cool.. Roll the pastry..

Stuffing on..

Sausage meat on.. Very good meat this one.. A Cumbernauld ..

Topped with Bramley apple sauce.. Stupid really as we have lots of apples just outside the back door ! Still easy this.. And not expensive.. Again the more expensive ones may be too rich for this.

Folded and rolled .

Brushed with burford buff egg yolk.. Next time maybe leave a little white in I reckon.. They were indeed a beautiful colour although caught just a little..

Into a 200 real money degree oven . About 25 minutes.. Left to cool. Onto the wire rack. Then burn your mouth as you try eating them..

These are great warm yet will be even better tomorrow.. Not in the fridge just on the side..

Sausage rolls.. Proper ones..







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  1. Love the beautiful glaze on them


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