A mezze of sorts

We needed to put some sunshine food back on our table.. what better than a selection of lovely bits and pieces? Of All kinds!

Sitting comfortably?

Then let’s begin..

Starting with a carrot dish..Zrodiya bel kemoun (recipe by my virtual pal Le petitit panierez)

Carrots peeled and chopped . cooked till tender in water with a little salt and sugar.. then added to a pan which had olive oil, garlic, cumin powder , cumin seed and rose harrisaa .. Finished off with coriander at the end.. Sealed whilst warm in a tub to make those flavours dance! Very delicious on its own!

Potatoes and French green beans.. Boiled .. Chopped.. Soaked in Lebanese herb oil & dusted with Arabic salad seasoning.. Again sealed to let the flavours party.. Again delicious on its own!

A chopped mixed salad.. Finished with olive oil and Arabic salad seasonings..

Lamb paired from the bone.. marinated in Lebanese seven spice powder .. Amazing flavours.. With a little chilli oil.. Then skewered onto bamboo spikes, eventually flash fried in hot oil.. just to crisp the outside.. Pomegranate molasses squirted all over it for that sweet zing ..

Flat iron steak marinated in ras el hanou . The king of morrocan flavours. White pepper and black pepper added.. Fried until medium cooked.. Sliced and slathered in pomegranate sauce. Crazy good!!

Bread of course! This time with the addition of yeast .. Water, flour, olive oil, salt and a pinch of sugar.. So easy this bread! Left to rise then dusted with zatar and cooked on the iron plate.. So so soft.. Like clouds! Seriously !!

Aubergine tempura fritters. Aubergines sliced and put into the colander .. Yakatori sauce poured over.. into the tempura batter.. Fried till crisp.. Awesome!

Humous and a beetroot dip. Store bought .. That finished it off

All picked over and eaten with joy.. Sometimes a mezze style supper is just the way forward .. And of course yummy leftovers leftover .. Cool!

Proper feasting on delightful foods!














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5 replies

  1. Holy shit dude. That is awesome. Just awesome.
    I want it… All of it.


  2. Nice table, I’m glad you enjoyed the Zrodiya 😉


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