Merguez and really rather nice chips

as some will know I adore merguez.. It’s right up there in the world of sausages .. Right up there.. These ones are crackalackin.. 


As ever with lamb casings they can often decide to burst on you if they fancy it..  That’s cool though.. Just makes them more ‘rustic’.. (really?). …ahem.. Anyhoo.. 

Cut the spuds thin.. I got rid of the mandolin as I decided it was a health hazard.. If you have one then go for one eighth if poss.. 


Now boil them in vinegared water.. Does this make a difference.. ?

Yup.. Indeedy.. Just like a loreal add.. 

Here’s the science bit.. 

The starch needs to be pushed out.. And the water helps.. Rinsing alone is not bad yet for a real crispy thang.. adding vinegar keeps the pectin in and means that it happens quicker.. Also meaning that you can boil them harder and for just a little longer… Before that pectin gives up and turns to mush instead of glue.. 

There you go.. Every day is a school day right!! Hehehehe.. 


Then lift them out and allow to cool.. 


Before dusting with semolina.. 

 Which to be honest was pretty not worth doing.. Works in the oven to gain extra crispness.. When fried off.. 


I think it just falls off.. 

 Super dooper chips though!!! Drain on brown paper.. It for some reason stops things going soggy.. More science right there! 


Served up with condiments … 


And bread and butter… Old school yall.. 👐 

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4 replies

  1. Looks yummy as always and I’m huge fan of merguez! 🙂

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  2. I really like the thickness of the chips–they look as though they would have some good body and crunch!

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