It’s crunch time!

What you talking ’bout Mr Fitz huh??” 

I am talking a three and a half hour blythburgh cookedbelly pork ..

Boned and seasoned meat side.. 

Flipped and dill and salt on the skin for super crackly crackling (the crunch).. 


Patted dry once removed from the fridge.. Into a super hot oven for 25 minutes.. 

Then turning the heat down to 150 for the remaing three hours.. Finally blasting it back up for the final five.. 

BOOM! 👐☝️✌️

 While that gets its game face on .. 

Extra crunch in the form of chips.. Sliced thin.. 


Boiled in white wine and reverse osmosis water.. (Yeah really!).. 

Remember the science behind this?

Dried off a little .. On a rack


Fried in batches.. In #Mrsmiddletons straight up oil..


Check out the colour.. The crunch is intense ! And hardly any oil.. 


Served up with the pork .. Super crunch time!! (And super sweet butter life spreadable meat too..)..  


Veggies? Nah.. Just hot sauce and the drop of chimichurri.. 

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