It’s a rainy Sunday .. Need porky Ramen! @sundaybrunch

It’s a terrible summer.. The rain is non stop and I am wearing a jersey.. Refusing to put socks on yet feel that I need too.. 


So after an early trip to the market to get supplies in. .. And Mrs Fitz out with the hounds and her pal walking through the woods.. I needed something soul lifting. Warming.. Nourishing.. And of course PORKY!

Ramen is such a lovely thing.. And making it at home really is a doddle .. 

The belly pork is leftovers.. I have decided to keep a slab as often as possible.. It’s worth it! 

A carrot, some doing onions and noodles.. A fabulous egg from redborne school farm chickens.. And some pork bone broth.. 


Boiled up hard… 


And then the egg that was boiled separately .. 


This was so soporificly divine.. Am blissfully spaced out… 


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  1. One of my favourite dishes these days, especially now I have easy access to lots of good stock.

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  2. Good to hear my son is blissed out. So am I. Rodigan on the rewind radio. Watching people drift by on boats, pass by on bikes, and wandering by on foot. Big big storms in city yesterday. Lots trees down, but no-one hurt. More bad weather forecast. Very very humid and still. A day for me to sit still:) x

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