Quick pork ,apple & stuffing sausage rolls , so simple!

sausage rolls..  Yummmmmmm

Not those ones with indescribable pink slimey/sludge in though! 

As you will see from here:


We dig them.. 

And I saw these type of ones for sale in a pretty expensive store , no names yet the food used to be called St Michael .. Ahem 😉

And to be honest they didn’t look the best.. And the price was scary! 

So what better than to make them better than an unknown ‘saint’.. 

Let’s press play huh? …

These were a real quick morning maker.. In that they were made first thing and popped in the oven whilst getting ready for the day ahead.. 

So so so simple.. Seriously !!! 

Skinned out some excellent sausages.. (Much better if you make your own.. Ahem!.. ) otherwise good honest store bought ones will be fine.. Make up the sage and onion stuffing mix as per the packet.. Grate two thirds of a fresh apple into the mix.. Add some herbage.. And some white pepper.. Mix it up like grandmaster flash.. 

Take the store bought puff pastry.. Remember this is quick so no need to make a rough puff or anything.. And whoop up a white egg for the glaze..


Roll it out .. And make some lines.. 


Roll them up.. And am going for like a rolled around one too.. 


Brush with the egg glaze and Chop into handy pieces .. 


Into the preheated oven.. And go about your morning business.. 

Return about thirty minutes later.. 

 Take out to cool down.. 


I apologise in advance for the pics.. Remember this is first thing in the morning! Just gone 6am! 

And snaffle up the sausage rolls… Pocketing done for a mid morning snackerooni.. 

Make these.. You will surprise yourself at just how easy and quick it really is.. 👐😃


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  1. Bam. I have been making a few sausage rolls lately too… Roasted pork belly, beef and herbs is a goodie 🙌


  2. These rolls look and sound amazing. I love how beautifully brown they are.

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