Sooper 12th century church veggies & Serrano ham 

very lucky where we live really.. It’s surrounded by historics.. A great Manor House.. Alms houses, an arts centre and a beautiful 12th century church.. All pretty much on the doorstep! Ok so the sound of the bells can get a little annoying.. It’s not that bad though! Better than hearing sirens! 

Ok.. So no picture of the church.. Forgot.  Yet my Sicilian pal Vince takes along stuff from his allotment and for a donation you can get bags of stuff.  Whatever is ready really.. I really must go more often.. 

This is what I went and fetched .. 


Good looking stuff huh? 

Well Vince gave me some of this Sicilian plant that he said makes great soup.. I decided to go the whole hog.. Hog? Yup.. 

Another pal has this great ham hanging .. 

 So I was allowed to cut off some of the harder bits (as well as a few slices to munch on whilst we viewed the ham in awe.. ).. 


And I just went all Edward scissor hands on the veggies.. 

Starting with the potatoes, carrots and ham.. Then adding the rest.. 


Then adding a drained can of black eyed beans.. No stock as an anticipating mucho gusto flavours here.. 


And how was it? 

Well two and a half bowls for lunch (with a drizzle of olive oil and a twist of Bristol blend pepper).. later.. And feeling rather good and nourished..  
Umm I seem to rather a lot left over! 

Still that’s cool.. Wonder if it freezes..? Nah won’t bother.. It will do a few lunches and a couple of give-always.. 


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5 replies

  1. That is one incredible piece of ham!!! Lovely soup as well.

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  2. Yum this looks great!! I love the addition of black eyed peas too as they are my favorite!!

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  3. Goodness – those veg have lasted well 😉

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