Beefy/feathery  bourguignon and mash

The weather is a changing for sure… 

The nights get dark quicker (which I quite like actually!).. Yet there is indeed a nip in the air.. Am told the weather will turn back to summer soon.. I hope so.. 

When the weather starts to dictate what you tastebuds long for you just have to go along with it.. 

And after the great red ticket purchase of these feather steaks it was game on!

Feather steaks are an unusual cut in a way.. There are only two per cow.. and you gotta go fast and hot or lo and slo. ..  

Chopped up and fried.. With two types of mushrooms .. 

Plus some carrots and shallots.. 


Adding ‘secret’ seasonings and herbs.. Plus water..

 At this point it looks a little swampy! 

That’s cool as it gets left to get to know itself overnight.. (Not even in the fridge). 

Then it’s cooked for three hours at the real deal 150 degrees.. 

Making the mash and adding butter and a great white egg yolk for richness.. White pepper and a heap of love.. 


Served up all shiny with sliced bread and butter ‘veg’ ahem… 


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