Cyprus baked potatoes 

we love potatoes .. Is it a gene thing? Not so hot in rice and other grains .. Yet potatoes are the business.. One day I will make it out to one of those Peruvian potatoe markets I have read/dreamt about. 

Good potatoes make all the difference . And buying just a random bag of whites or reds just don’t cut it..

Varieties really are suited to different things.. It’s worth taking that little extra time.. And seeking them out.. 

( don’t bother with those little Maris peers .. Rubbish!).. 

These are cyprus potatoes , which really is one of the viceroys .. It’s the soil and sun.. Must be.. I used to love Eygyptian ones.. Blushed with red earth.. Just cannot find them.. For years! 

The cyprus potatoe makes a great chip.. A delicious wedge.. And surprisingly a delightful baked number..


Juts little oil and salt on them.. Then chopped in half.. The karate chop method suits a bigger spud. It really does work though as the sharp chop of the hand releases the steam real quick and results in a super fluffy inner..

These are chopped quick.. A similar approach therefore stopping them from going gloopy inside.. 

To go with them? 

Cowboy chilli of course! 

With sour cream and garden snipped chives.. A touch of Turkish urfa pepper and a drop of lemon juice .. 


A simple salad dressed in olive oil dressing.. 


Wait for it..


But of course!

This time a touch of cumin powder, chives, red pepper flakes, Bristol blend pepper, flaky salt.. Red wine vinegar..dried oregano..French garlic


Mrs Fitz diligently picked through the coriander and Italian parsley.. Just keeping the softest of the leaves. 


Whizzed up with olive oil.. 

 That’s this weeks supply sorted! 


Back to supper..


Some people have asked if we have a dining table .. We do in the good room !! Never use it though.. Not really we should more .. 

Supper served.. 


And thoroughly enjoyed.. Leaving the skin for that final delicious treat! 


Post supper a great walk.. Where we met this lovely gentleman also walking his dog .. A long chat with him about lots of things..  And in particular the Fitzgerald crest.. He had this signet ring given from his great uncle.. 


The crest is a baboon on a chain.. We read up on it when we got back.. Pretty cool tale.. I always thought the crest was some weird bird like creatures.. Nope.. Baboon… 

Cool! Must ask my Pappy about it..  


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  1. Who needs a dining table? I would eat that on the floor quite happily 😁

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