Rib eye steak Cowboy chilli tacos

Cowboy chilli ? 


According to my attorney ( and he is indeed a wise man!).. This is a recipe that is as close to the chilli on the plains as poss..

It’s a strange one.. The lack of ingredients seems almost alien.. Yet my attorney has an idea that the Cowboys didn’t carry much stuff.. Garlic is acceptable.. 

So this is how it goes.. 

Rib eye steaks.. (Red ticket of course!).. 


Chopped and sliced up.. 

Fried off..


With cumin ( like more than you think).. And a little Mexican oregano .. 

And a selection of dried Mexican chillies ..


Soaked in hot water.. Awesome chillies! 

Added to the meat.. 


And cooked lo and slo for three hours..

Chillies removed .. And meat mashed up.. Now those Cowboys didn’t have many teeth from what I understand.. Mebbe a few gold ones? So this is perfect! Meaty slop!


Into taco shells.. Coulda made em.. Bought them instead.. 

With Mr hills cucumber yoghurt number spiked with chollua sauce .. Red gem lettuce and red onion.. And of course chimichurri…


Rocking supper!! 


YEEEEEE-HAAAAAH! Perfect for a fiesta friday!  


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14 replies

  1. Que rico! Makes me want to become a cowboy right now …


  2. yummy…. I want this for my dinner right now!!!


  3. You made your chili out of rib eye steaks? You don’t compromise when it comes to cooking, do you? 😃

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  4. omg that looks scary hot! I like the way your attorney knows so much about cowboys? lol x


  5. You write so well:)) xx

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