Steak teryiaki skewers with blythburgh pork spring rolls and mixed up egg fried brown rice .. 

It’s time we ate steaks again.. The abscence has been noted .. What better a reintroduction than lovely teryiaki skewers? 

Taken the red ticket steaks.. 


Trimmed ( trimmings gone to a good hound home).. 😏

Beat the steaks with the meat hammer.. Every house should have a meat hammer.. I swear it!


Cut into strips and marinated in the sauce.. )if I owned a dehydrator now would be a great time to make jerky!).. 

 That needs a few hours in the magic oven to get its groove on..

In the meantime.. The blythburgh spring rolls ..

The last of the pork..

Chopped and a packet of mixed stirfy..


Into wrappers.. Always keep some in the freezer.. They defrost so quick! 

 Rolled up and stuck with a swipe of water.. 


They get fried off in straight up Mrs middletons oil.. 

To be served with sweet chilli sauce and a bought dipping sauce from the Chinese super store .. ( although I think it’s actually a Japanese sauce for dumplings!).. 

The rice made by using packet steamed brown rice.. So good those packets .. Another store cupboard staple! Time saving and delicious! 

Fried off with two beaten white eggs, chopped roasted red peppers, onions, French garlic and fresh shiitake mushrooms..a handful of frozen peas 


A splish of sesame oil to taste it up..

And enjoyed indeed!

 And brilliant leftovers !



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  1. YUM!!! I LOVE homemade Spring Rolls!!

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  1. Spring rolls made easy (Vegan recipe)..  | Cooking with Mr Fitz

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