Spring rolls made easy (Vegan recipe).. 

we seem to be on a chinesey trip at the moment.. Funny how you go through phases. Wonder where in the world we will be next? 😶

With a patrick still in my kitchen with us it’s great for him to learn kitchen stuff .. And means we get good hanging out time.. 

So spring rolls .. You seen it before.. 



Yet these are vegan ones.. I never understood where the name ‘egg rolls’ comes from.. Suppose I could ask the google gods. Maybe next time I have a pondering moment.. 

The wrappers are store bought and lovely and springy.. (Is that where the spring part comes from?). 💡

Starting though with a pack of mixed stir fry veg.. With Chinese pepper, white pepper, garlic and ginger paste, a splash of Japanese soy and some drops of sesame oil.. Drawn through with scissors.. 

The wrappers defrosted.. Real quickly.. 

And I only showed Payrick once about the rolling.. And he rocked it! 

Creating a lovely pile.. 


Fried off with uncle Bens wok in Mrs middletons regular oil .. 


Crispy loveliness.. 

 Nice on Patrick.. 

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22 replies

  1. It looks delicious…I love spring rolls. Thnx for posting this recipe.


  2. Mr. Fitz?? Vegan? Well how cool is that? This looks like an awesome recipe! 😀

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  3. Wow, good on you Mr. Fitz, and you’ve got your boy eating vegan too. Hooray! :). Those egg rolls sure look yummy!

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  4. Golly…vegan…??? You feeling okay??? I’m assuming you ate them with a plate of meat?
    Very nice though, thank you for bringing them to this week’s Fiesta Friday, that’s me covered!

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  5. Nice! I got some eggroll wrappers, too, somewhere in my freezer. So nice of Patrick to help! 🙂

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  6. I think that’s wonderful that you are providing Patrick with some culinary experience. He sure look like he has a great sense of humor. Your spring rolls look delicious!

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  7. Never thought Vegan and Mr Fitz could go together but these look delish! Like the Uncle Bens plug ’cause that’s where my man works:-)

    Liked by 1 person

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