Spring rolls and Padron peppers

These spring rolls are so easy and tasty it’s shocking!

A good quality bag of stir fry veg.. snip snip snip scissors through it to stop it being so chunky .. I added ham.. of course! You can leave it out .. or add in anything else.. seafood etc if you must..

Spring roll pastry is best bought straight from the Chinese store..

You can use filo yet it’s fiddly.. And I always think you end up with more pastry than filling..

Now don’t even THINK of baking these!!

They have to be fried.. So using the oil from the spuds one last time..

Fried in batches.. Drained on ikea brown paper..

Eaten whilst too hot with sweet chilli sauce.. (No picture as they got eaten too quick!) ..

Brilliant little drinks snack..

Which timely brings me onto the Padron peppers..

Padron peppers!! YEAH!! Their short season means that you just have to snaffle them up as you can.. When ever I see them for sale in the grocery section I just have to buy them!

The wok emptied of its oil.. Cleaned . Olive oil added.. Peppers in till blackened a little.. Himalayan pink rock salt added ..

Eaten carefully… Remember every now and then one will ‘donkey’ kick you in the face! And boy will you know when it does!!!

Russian roulette Padron peppers with drinks.. Perfect ..

Great to take to fiesta friday too! 20140712-090926-32966006.jpg






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12 replies

  1. Mmmm – those spring rolls sound delish as do the padrons. Agree about using spring roll wrappers – filo is just too fiddly for something like this. Thanks for sharing so much with us this week Mr Fitz!


  2. Love those peppers. We do the same with them except splash a little light soy in there to season. Great with a heap of beer!!


  3. I will have to watch for those padron peppers. Hope they show up in one of our local markets.



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