Roast beef and prudys batatas fritas, feta, mint and peas

Gotta love roast beef..

A good bit of roast beef always goes down a treat.. We have family over so this made for a great sharing supper.. I had to cook the beef for just a little longer than I like really.. So that my brother in-laws partner could eat with us.. That’s ok though.. It’s cool ..

Rolling the beef in dill and veal jus powder makes a mighty fine coating..

Into the oven hot for twenty then down to 160.. Not too long..

Wrapped up tight in foil then towels to rest and keep warm ..

Since learning about prudys batatas fritas, I love them!

Simply slice the potatoes pretty thin, boil for four minutes in water with cider vinegar added..

Let dry a good while.. On a rack..

Heat up the oil in the wok.. And fry in batches, of course draining onto ikea brown paper.. the oven is in the keep warm setting so batches are good here.. These are now my favourite form of fried potatoes!

For the feta, minted peas.. good aged feta, fresh chopped mint, and petit pois simply heated to take out the freezer chill.. Cheesey peas??!!

I don’t eat them yet am told they are delicious ..

The beef rested well and cut.. Served with grated fresh horseradish and dill..

A satisfying sharing supper..

Chocolates and jing tea for dessert..







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11 replies

  1. This sounds so good Mr Fitz – rubbing the meat with dill and veal jus powder is another genius idea. And I have just spent 20 mins researching this veal stock powder…thanks for all the tips!! Prudy’s potatoes are fabulous – yummy with some peri peri powder too? I hope you have given Prudy the brown paper tip. Ahem! Not going to say anything about the cooking time of the meat but I do like mine rare! I don’t normally wrap with tea-towels too – does that keep it warm? Thanks for sharing at the party – there are a lot of vegetarians here which means – more for me!!


  2. gasp, overcooked beef; at least it was for a good cause. Cheers.


  3. I was planning a roast just like that for tomorrow so thanks for the tips. Actually was planning it for tonight, but tomorrow should work. It will probably benefit from one more day in the fridge. And I have all the ingredients, including fresh horseradish and dill from the garden- all but the veal jus powder.


  4. Oh shit! That thing looks so damn good. I love those potatoes, too. My mum used to cook potatoes like that all the time. Love it! Smiley face



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