The mighty pasty!

Behold the mighty pasty!

Again not going to go into the ‘historics’ of the pasty nor the consistent battle of ingredients and cultural differences!

Sheesh! Who would figure that it was so complicated to just write about a handheld ‘turnover’!!!

Let’s start:

A bit of left over steak from the other day.. (always keep the leftovers) ..Chopped.. Fresh thyme.. A can of mixed veg, these small cans are just the business , they have spuds carrots swede and peas.. All in a perfect sized can!

All mixed together with some veal jus and some of the spring water juice from the can.. Just enough to loosen it up a piece..

Got my brother in-law to whoop up a short crust pastry..

Cut into disks..

Filling put in the middle.. Pastry turned over and pressed together with a fork..

Brushed with egg wash and popped into the oven..

The best thing is that all the ingredients are already cooked so it’s just a simple task of letting the pastry cook through..

Then left to cool..

And demolished!!!!

The mighty pasty .. Simply brilliant! 20140711-091159-33119680.jpg







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39 replies

  1. Lots of cool recipes here…so glad to find your blog! 🙂


  2. Oh yeah… now thats what I’m talking about Mr Fitz!! You make the most delicious stuff!! These are definitely a must try. And again. And again. Etc!! Awesome post! ❤


  3. Oh Mr Fitz! You always make me feel so hungry with your delicious dishes!
    Looks amazing!
    Happy Fiesta Friday!


  4. Hello Mr Fitz! These meat and vegetable pasties look delectable. I had never heard the term pasty before? But these look like they are similar to empanadas? Oh whatever the name …a nice meaty filling with a pastry crust oh i will take that any day! thanks for bringing these to Fiesta Friday! 🙂


  5. I sooo love meat pies. And yours look soo inviting. Yumm! 🙂


  6. I am a “meat” eater! It is always fun and satisfying to visit your blog! 🙂


  7. I can imagine your kitchen smelled heavenly with these in the oven. I love the way you have put your leftovers to such good use – the mark of a real cook. Thanks for joining the party and sharing them with the FF guests.


  8. I will take a couple of these with a cup of nice broth to dip into (I know, it’s weird). What do you serve pasties with over yonder?


  9. At last! Some meat!! And don’t the pasties look fabulous?! Hope you have made loads because I would like two to start with! Great photos too Mr Fitz – love seeing your b-i-l in action – who, I have found out through being nosy and reading ALL the comments, is apparently a chef – lucky you. Happy Fiesta Friday!!


    • Thanks! Yeah lucky to have a bro who is a chef.. He is a chef in Kinsale .. Although I think the way I do stuff freaks him out a little! His kitchen would get closed down for sure!!! Hahaha


  10. I’m so hogging these at FF- meat pies have a strange, powerful hold over me. Great job 🙂


  11. Ok, these are definitely on my “to do” list! As always, another delicious post. Happy Fiesta Friday! 🙂


  12. Yum! Pasties are a staple where I come from.


  13. Now I know what to do with the left overs. 🙂 These look great, Mr. Fritz! Thanks for bringing these. Have a wonderful FF and weekend.


  14. I am not a pie man (unless it is a Scotch Pie) but boy they look absolutely superb – good enough to eat and better than any I’ve seen at farmer’s markets.
    By the way, would this be the lad that uses Sous Vide baths and did I see him in the Nag’s last night?


  15. Yay! So great to eat. They’re a favourite in this house.



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