Corned beef pasties in beef dripping and butter pastry …

corned beef pasties in super rich beef dripping and butter pastry.. 

That’s got delicious written right there!

The history of the corned beef pasty has to be welsh.. My best pal lives in the valleys of Wales, and corned beef pie and pasty is definetly a feature round those parts .. Or up and down those parts of you have ever tried driving about that way.  

When you get given directions like just over the next mountain or two you know you are in for some fun and views! 

So these are for the Thomas family.. (Well actually they are for me and a few neighbours..) but you get my point right? 

First the pastry.. Plain flour and some strong French bread flour.. butter rubbed in.. Then loads of shredded beef dripping.. Some salt and water to form a dough.. Left a while.. Then the rough puff part.. 

Rolling out and folding third to third.. Leaving for half hour.. And doing it again.. And again .. That should do! 

  (Notice the Lardy streaks!).. 

Now for the filling..

I scored a great lump of good corned beef at the deli counter.. this is ‘real’ corned beef in my mind.. probably not in yours if you are reading this over the other side of the pond! 

A little potato and carrot booked up and diced.. Some chopped banana shallot too.. And all with a shake of #hendos Hendersons relish.. It’s like Worcestershire sauce in a way.. 

Well it’s vegetarian too as no anchovies.. It’s ok.. I have a bottle to use up! I think when it’s gone I won’t be rushing out to get more.. 

Mix cooled.. 

Roll out the pastry to the thickness of an English pound coin.. 

Cut around a tea saucer.. 

Filling in middle.. 

Sides brought up together and pinched together..   

No egg wash on these.. Which means that they don’t go golden brown.. Which is slightly unhelpful in judging the cooking doneness !

About 25 minutes will do the trick.. 

Let cool so you can sample them.. 

  They are actually better when served at room temperature.. 

Delicious though! There you go the Thomas’s ..

Corned beef pasties in beef dripping and butter pastry.. 🎯👐👌



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