Pasties for snacking

the pasty is the perfect snack.. Or to be honest it also makes a great brunch/lunch/dinner/supper..

These were made after being inspired by my blogger pal over at..

Yet I wanted more veggies in them.. Carrots, onions, parsnips, swede and potatoes.. All passed through the processor.. The skirt steak ( best meat for these)..chopped up.. And all heavily seasoned with white pepper, nutmeg, salt, fresh rosemary, thyme and Greek basil..


The pastry for the pasty ( I like that!).. Pastry for the pasty.. Hmm

Is simply beef dripping flour and salt.. Blitzed up and moulded into a dough then rested a while..


Rolled out into a circle, the filling popped in.. Pinched up rather than folded.. I prefer them that way.. It’s also why I am not giving the a name of Cornish, Dorset, Devon or any other place!


Egg washed .. Into a hot oven for an hour..  
Cooled and wrapped they make the most perfect car snack!


Just mind the crumbs…ahem.. 


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11 replies

  1. Always wanted to make these, thx!


  2. These pasties look delicious and I could enjoy them or any meal!

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  3. wow, I just love all of the veggies you have included and the seasonings!! You’re right! This is perfect “any time” food! 😀

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  4. Aw now they look way better than mine!! Making me hungry!!

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  5. Makes me ashamed of what’s in our car trips for snacks! That crust is AMAZING!

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