A big plate of Asian-esque stuff.. 

Freezer foraging produced a carton of this. 


So that’s supper then.. Hmm yet to make it even better?

Take a butter lettuce and lay all the leaves out perhaps? Squidiling done Korean chilli sauce and some ketjap manis? Yeah good start.. 

Boil up some brown udon noodles too? 


Heat the Laab and mix with the rinsed noodles ? Yes good plan ! Sprinkle with some Japanese soy sauce? Now we are talking!

And more.. Let’s add more..  Ok, some boiled pastel eggs, and some spiced ghee rice with cinnamon, cardamom and rosebud..(because that’s the sort of thing we have hanging around in the fridge.. 😏 ahem ..).. 


Now make it look pretty and add some sliced San marzo tomatoes and some Indonesian vegetable crackers for crunch.. the last of the balsamic glaze and a few more drops of Korean chilli. 


Any good?


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6 replies

  1. Yum. You have a fancy fridge! What is a pastel egg?

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  2. Wow, another winning recipe, Mr. Fitz! So delicious! 🙂

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  3. The spiced ghee rice with cinnamon, cardamom and rosebud is a very interesting addition with the noodles, Mr. Fitz, but the dinner looks tasty. I am planning to try out just the spiced rice with rose petals.


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