Ribs! Glorious ribs!

love em or hate em.. Ribs is just one of those things that makes me smile.. I like em.. Don’t eat them enough really.. Bad ribs are really bad.. Good ribs are excellent! 

These ribs are loin ribs.. And will be dry ribs.. 


Chopped up into singles.. And marinated for three days (to be honest  3 hrs would do!!)… 

In orange juice (tip from my attorney ), sugar, tomato ketchup and Red Chinese pork seasoning.. That stuff is just superb! It makes pork so delicious.. It’s the stuff used to make that wonderful pork you see hanging alongside the ducks and stuff in a Chinatown window.. I always remember staring hard into them when we went when I was a child.. We never bought any.. We did though get things like those great black ninja style Chinese slippers.. In ninja black of course!


Ketjap medja also.. 

Then cornflour too.. (The plastic glove removed of course!).. 

And left in the fridge in an airtight tub for asking as you fancy.. As I said three days in this case! 

Into the oven on a rack with a little water in the pan.. To help keep them moist.. Baked for forty minutes on 200 degrees real money.. 


Killer ribs!! 

With new season butter and herbed Cornish potatoes.. And a little buttered corn .. 


Stunning.. Seriously stunning.. 

I like ribs.. ✌️😘👋



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9 replies

  1. Oh my goodness, do those ever look yummy!


  2. wow. i’ve got to find this stuff!!! It looks like it makes a pretty incredible ribs. thanks!

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  3. These ribs look amazing! I always ask for ribs if we haven’t had them in a while. I’ve never marinated them for 3 days though. I am sure they were yummy moist. Is Ketjap medja the Red Pork seasoning?

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