It’s a steak out! 

We are on steak-out.. (cooking steak outside!).. 

Oh! I getcha! The spellings gave it away huh? 

Ahh well !

Take a wee looksie at these!! 


Now this a cut that I have had my young butcher Rib working on for me..

I basically am looking for beef ‘chops’.. Easy from veal yet from a full size English cow carcass?  
Well after a couple of days and much deliberation Rob has come up trumps .. They are taken right down meat the chuck.. And plenty of work it took to get them out.. Cleavers, knives and saws all making an appearance!🎬

So to treat them right? 

A quick bonfire rub marinade.. 

A good fire..with some oak wood in there.. 


And they sizzled up good.. What is it though? 

Sell the steak NOT the sizzle? 

 So here’s the steak then!


Served up with simple boiled jersey spuds.. I like them when they grow that bit bigger.. 


And of course chimichurri! Simply whizzed up orange ticket herbs.. With Rick salt, dried Mexican oregano.. Red wine vinegar , urfa pepper, purple garlic, pink onion and olive oil..  

  It doesn’t get better than this!


Yummy doodle doo Monsieur et Madame .. Yummy doodle doo.. 😘👋 

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9 replies

  1. I need a big fat steak in my life right now…
    and thanks for putting the like button back on! 🙂

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  2. I need to have a bbq. Now. Ok, perhaps tomorrow…

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  3. Oh yum!! You always bring the best steak, Mr. Fritz. Thanks for bringing another awesome dish. Happy FF. 🙂

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