Are these empanadas? OX CHEEKS!!

I reckon so.. Maybe.. Well .. Hmmm .. YES! I declare they are..

A Mr Fitz Empanada..

So what’s the steps? ..


This takes a while so do grab a drink.. Light a smoke.. Fluff up your pillows..

First take a good ox cheek.. Ox cheeks cooked low and slow are just so darn tasty!!

Chopping them up with carrots, onions, celery.. And the two thirds if a jar if those little peppers you don’t reckon you will buy again.. Ahem.. And then a good sprinkle of veal jus powder makes this sing!! (This ones for you Peter !)..

Into the slow cooker.. On slow ..

Add water .. Leave all night… All night..




Wake up licking your lips .. The smell coming outta the kitchen will send any hounds you have nearby a little crackers for sure!! (Mr Wentworth & Cora Murley both seemed pretty happy!)…

Turn it off.. Lid off and let it steam off some of those juices..



Adding anything you fancy yet this was what happened this time around..

Worcestershire sauce .. Ketchup.. Arbol wahaca chilli sauce.. Garlic powder .. Sugar.. And probably some other stuff..

Once mixed up.. Drain to remove the meat and veggies..


Chopping them up and adding a can of refried beans to the sauce..


Bringing that all up to a thick bubbly loveliness ..

Then drain again!!

At this stage you could keep all that extra sauce.. It would be fantastic with hot dogs , brilliant on nachos .. Ummm ..

I threw it out….

Let’s not get into that huh? …


The pastry..

Only one type for this..

Beef dripping and French butter .. ( hey the butters unsalted ok!)..

Take 600 grams if plain /ap flour..

200 grams of beef dripping .. And whatever was left in that butter stick..


Then whizz adding ice cold water.. Just a little till you get a dough.. Roll it into a sausage and pop that in cling film into the fridge.. For about half an hour. ..


Then take it out.. Cut off a round.. Roll it out. Adding the mix.. Folding over .. You can pretty it up once folded.. Get in the rhythm!! Then press the edges down with a fork.. I speared a hole in each.. And didn’t on one.. I think you don’t need to pierce them.. They cooked ok..



Then into the oven.. On a butter and oiled base.. When you think they are kinda cooked brush with an egg wash..



Let cool for as long as you can stand…

Delicious I say.. (That’s Cora Murley in the pic looking very interested .. )..


I will pop these over to my virtual pals at fiesta friday… An sure they will like em!

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25 replies

  1. Hmm, this is intersting, Mr. Fritz. These empanadas sound so good. 🙂


  2. Pillows fluffed, drink in hand. Empanadas on my mind.


  3. I haven’t had beef cheek or empanadas for ages… It might be a little warm for cheek at the mo’ but I’m gonna make empanadas for sure 🙂


  4. I thought we were making stew and I was perfectly happy. Empanadas? I am bowing to you sir!


  5. I’m gonna catch a flight and head on over! Beautiful pastry… Sounds delicious!


  6. That pastry looks incredible…


  7. Very nice, Mr Fitz. The slow cooker on overnight is like torture for me!! Look at big brown eyes !!!


  8. Ha, you clearly saw my trotters and you raised me your ox cheeks! You win – I’m partial to empanadas anyway, and I like your mexican take on them.
    Salud, and have a lovely weekend!


  9. Very creative. I will take a dozen please.


  10. Oh my. They look amazing!! Those can you resist!!


  11. seriously i bet those smell good, how could you eat it with those large eyes looking at you? That really is very cruel


  12. I would say yes those are definitely some delicious empinadas.



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