Bone marrow & truffle butter sirloins with no-hassleback potatoes

Does that title grab your attention?

It does mine!!

This is such a satisfying supper.. Ticks all the smiley boxes.. In our kitchen anyways!!

Let’s start with the no hassle hasslebacks..

I would have Prefered to use bigger spuds yet these were all we had.. So that’s cool..

Boiled in sea salty reverse osmosis water till knife point tender


Onto a spoon to cut through.. Therefore eliminating the chances of you going to far.. it’s a great way of adding those all important slices..


Once all done.. Adding mrs Middletons pimped Lebanese herb oil.. And maldon crunchy salt


Into the oven for about forty minutes till they fan open and create the best hybrid roastie in this planetssphere..



Just when they are ready get the sizzle on those sirloins..

Iron pan way hot.. Spritz the steaks and add salt.. Some say don’t .. I like the salty crust that seems to happen..

Cook them your way.. Yet add chopped mushrooms .. And also that all important bone marrow & back truffle butter.. (I make this in batches and keep it in the fridge.. Recipe is simple .. Unsalted French butter .. 2 split marrow bones.. Roasted or grilled then scooped into the butter.. Black truffle grated in also.. It freezes so well and freeze it in batches..)..


Boil up some organic tenders them broccoli for the greens.. And crack open the bearnise sauce.. This store bought one is very good indeed..


This is the kind of supper that makes us smile.. I hope it makes you smile too..



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18 replies

  1. yes, truffle anything grabs my attention. Not as quickly as cute pup pics! Droopy doggy.


  2. This meal looks amazing! Rich and savory.


  3. Three of my favourite things on another of my favourite things with another of my faves on the side!


  4. Fantastic. I’m drooling, Mr Fitz!


  5. STEAK 🙂 Gosh, love all these meaty dishes


  6. What? Seriously?! You’re killing me… It’s 9 a.m. Saturday and I want this NOW!


  7. Hassleback potatoes are the you know what! Is that last one on your plate for Cora Murley or Mr. Wentworth? Those dogs kill me they are so precious. Are they still eating shoes? Okay, now as one of the hosts for this FF I hereby declare that you have done your duties and may happily retire with your beer to the TV.


  8. I really love your method of preparing the potatoes, this is pretty much a perfect meal. Truffle and bone marrow butter, whoa!



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