Flap steak Chimchurri of sorts

A pal of mine went over to see the fabulous butchers in Earls Barton.. & picked me up that wonderful cut that is do hard to find unless you either:

A: Keep a cow in your place
B: Get a good relationship going with your proper old school butchers ..

I go for option B please Ted. ..

ok this one is not exactly the right cut..

Yet it forms part of that Flap steak..

And to me that’s the best cut of steak in the world ..

Trimmed of that thin membrane .. and beaten out ..


Mrs Fitz kindly blitzed up a Chimchurri of sorts .. Parsley, garlic, salt, oregano oil and sherry vinegar..


And this was spread over the meat to marinate.. And some reserved to use a a sauce.. I love Chimchurri sauce.. May the gods bless that fine Argentinian invention!!


The meat left to get its groove on.. Time for a truly grizzly halloweeny looking accompianiant ..

Sweet beets and red king Edwards..

Remember to wear gloves when peeling sweet beets!!


And boil them all up together .. Just till knife point tender..


Looks like something outta the blacklist!!

Roasted off though and the steak quickly flashed through ..



Plated with French peas and carrots..


And a gold magnum for dessert..


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  1. Chimmichurri and steak is the best, perfect together. I love using as a marinade.

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  2. Chimmichurri is near the top of my lust of damn fine creations! Nice one 🙂



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