Roast buttered miso herbed chicken

Wow! That titles a mouthful !! A delicious mouthful..

It’s a quick one this..

Take French unsalted butter and add thyme, salt and pepper and miso soup paste.. Smush it all together..


Take the FR chicken and cut the backbone out if it.. snip that up and feed it to the wide eyed hounds round your feet.. also snip off the winglets and the parsons nose..


Flatten the bird.. Then quite crudely yet delicately loosen the skin by inserting your fingers and moving them about.. Nothing pretty about this! stuff the miso herb butter into this new pocket you can the push it all under the skin reaching all of the places.

The remaining butter smeared over the top and more sea salt added


Into the oven above the excellent Mrs Fitz roasties..


With those lovely juices dripping all over the spuds.. If you popped the chicken into a pan it would make the most delicious sauce.. Yet straight onto the bars for this one..

About an hour and half laters.. It’s ready.. !



It’s the business!! Served with jolly green giant sweetcorn cooked in chicken stock..


no Yorkshire pudding Mr Fitz?

Ummm .. slight problem..

Don’t know what happened .. It didn’t rise… So the bin got it… Much to the dismay of Mr Wentworth..


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6 replies

  1. I’ve never used miso but just saw where it can be used to help brown meat too. I’ll have to give this bird a try.


  2. Have we talked about this before, miso butter chicken? I first ran across a recipe for it on a blog called Use Real Butter and I couldn’t believe . . . what a revelation and real easy too! So I started using miso all over the place. I love that you threw in the spuds, too, that’s something I’m gonna do this week as I have a ton of spuds and they’re tasting real good right now. You really pasted that bird up! Delish!


  3. I love the flavour of miso but would never have thought of using it in this way. Cheers!



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